$VLT - The Vault Based Token

Unlike a Stablecoin, VLT is pegged to the price of its backbone currency rather than fiat. It is “Vault Based”in the way that it maintains a reserve, not dissimilar from USD in the times of the “Gold Standard.”

How It Works:

Every VLT transaction (with the exception of swap contract transfers) is taxed at a rate of 3%.
Those tokens are sent to a contract address defined in our contract. 
The tokens are traded for BNB as expeditiously as possible without impacting the overall trading price of VLT. **An automated process will be developed and implemented.
All of the resulting BNB is then sent to “The Vault” (swap contract.) 
It is important to note at this point, every standard transaction of VLT raises the total amount of BNB in the vault.
If a token holder wishes to access the BNB in the vault, they must send an amount of VLT to the swap contract address. The vault will automatically respond by sending back the appropriate amount of BNB. The VLT used in the process will then be locked in the vault and cannot be returned to circulation. Any token or currency (other than BNB) sent to the swap contract is unretrievable.
What this means is that when a vault swap takes place, it does not impact the overall value of the vault relative to the other vault tokens. The number of tokens in circulation can only decrease, while the amount of BNB in the vault can only increase in relation to circulating VLT tokens.
The “price floor” (price in VBNB* that each token can be swapped for) increases with every transaction. It should be noted, this offers a measure of security against bots as well. Volume increases vault value, so the token is not strictly reliant on the trading price for its worth. There are many implications to this. 

Original Tokenomics

100,000 $VLT at the outset.

19,000 $VLT burned immediately after deployment to avoid dilution.

**VLT Whitepaper

Tiered benefits listed on home page.

How To Obtain BEP20 BNB:

You can use the following guide to install the SafePal wallet. Please note, you can skip the majority of these steps and import your pre-existing wallet into SafePal if you are comfortable with that and have an understanding of how to do so. This makes swapping between BSC, ETH, etc. (event BCH & BTC) very simple and quick.

SafePal Wallet Guide: https://blog.safepal.io/binance-smart-chain-x-safepal/

SafePal Wallet: SafePal Crypto Hardware Wallet(Official)