The Vault

VLT Holders:

This is the User Interface for the VLT Vault Swap contract. You can instantly swap your VLT for the current floor price of the vault. When you use this portal to perform a VLT vault swap, you will receive BNB tokens. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING BEFORE USE: Check the amount of BNB displayed BEFORE selecting the "SWAP" button. If you would like to see the current swap price of 1 VLT, then enter "1" in the VLT section after you have connected your wallet. The amount that is displayed is what you will receive back in BNB. You MUST check this against the price of USDT or BUSD to see the current vault swap price in USD!

Do not use this swap contract if you do not understand the information outlined above.

If you need further assistance, please contact us OR ask for more details on our Telegram Group. **Remember, our mods/admins will never ask you to send VLT or BNB to a wallet address. They should only ever direct you to addresses on this website, or the stickied section in the official Cryptocurrent or the VLT General Chat Telegram. Additionally, the Vault Swap page has not been optimized for use on mobile browsers yet.