The team behind $VLT, $HTG, and Trust Launch.

  • The "Vault" based token.
  • Deflationary.
  • Rising price floor.
*See VLT page for link to purchase/swap.
  • "HT Governance"
  • Cryptocurrent's Governance Token.
  • Token holders of 1.5% or more of total supply qualify for IDO program. (More details coming soon!)
  • Proposal abilities for holders of 1% or more of total supply.
*See HTG page for link to purchase/swap.
  • Our Token Launchpad.
  • BSC/BEP20
  • ETH/ERC20
  • Early IDO access to VLT holders of 50+ tokens.


Where we're going.Take a look at our latest roadmap.


HTG staking live.

Launchpad Live on BSC & ETH.

Update Vault & Gov. Portal UI (Integrate into web app)

Release locker (Integrate into web app)


Token Exchange/Swap (VLT V2 Rollout)

Deploy automated (self-service) launchpad on mainnet.

Expand to additional chains.

Reveal & begin "Phase 3" of Cryptocurrent's strategic development plan.


Token Exchange/Swap (HTG V2 Rollout)


Trust Launch provides legitimate projects with a platform to launch from. Those that are familiar with Cryptocurrent understand that we know what it is to be taken advantage of in the Defi space. By providing a Launchpad that takes MANY measures to prevent something like that from happening - good projects are rewarded with investors and investors are rewarded with good projects.


This is the token that started it all for Cryptocurrent. A deflationary token with a rising price floor, meant to protect investors from risk and help us expand our vault concept into a larger project.

IDO Benefit Tiers:

  • 50 VLT (Staked) - Base allocation. Unlocks 1 hour prior to public launch.
  • 100 VLT (Staked) - Base allocation x 2.1. Unlocks 1.5 hours prior to public launch.
  • 150 VLT (Staked) - Base allocation x3.2 Unlocks 2 hours prior to public launch.
  • 200 VLT (Staked) - Base allocation x4.3 Unlocks 2.5 hours prior to public launch.
  • 200 VLT/bnb equivalent in LP = allocation x6.6 and price discount 3% on sale price. Unlocks 3 hours prior to public launch.

HTG - Governance

$HTG is our governance token. It is an ERC20 token. Cryptocurrent (formerly HT) was originally slated to launch on ETH. Our community and investors came together and agreed that it would be best for us to launch on the Binance Smart Chain. We listened. HTG holders can qualify for membership in our IDO program if they hold 1.5% or more of circ. supply!