About Us:

Many have asked why we have a governance token on ETH, but a BEP20 token as our flagship token. Cryptocurrent began as Hedge Tech. We intended to launch the VLT token on the ETH mainnet. The markets had other plans. Transaction fees for ETH had just skyrocketed. The community was given the choice to roll out on ETH as originally planned, or to switch over to the Binance Smart Chain. This was possible due to the cross compatibility of contracts. They opted for the latter.

A bit about the Co-founders - Marc & Stephen were essentially outsiders to the Defi community at the outset of the project. Marc had been casually investing for a number of weeks before getting scammed in a presale. The phone call between the Co-founders that followed was where the idea behind VLT, the Vault, & the launchpad was born.

Our Mission:

Our mission has been to develop a token that makes sense to hold and trade. We seek to continue finding and developing ways to improve the standing of our stakeholders in the overcrowded and often congested Defi space. We pride ourselves on using methods that are transparent and easy to understand. Ultimately, our goal is to use our platform to provide some much needed security to investors - not only in our project, but in many yet to come. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.


The Team:

Stephen C.


Marc O.


Elie M.

Lead Developer